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Applying logic to progressive lunacy.

May 15, 2018

The state of Washington could fund it’s homeless problem so easily it’s almost laughable, just by instituting a state income tax.

Instead, and in total keeping with its socialist politics, it is watching Seattle to get a feeling for how going for a business tax of up to $275 a head for each worker on the big company payrolls goes over.

To put that into perspective, if Amazon were to hire the 7,000 people it says would to work in its as yet unfinished new building, it would cost the company $1,925,000 dollars to fill those jobs, not once but every year for at least five years.

Never mind that the people of Seattle are overwhelmingly against the idea, and only 8% of them trust the government to use the money wisely, according to a poll conducted by KIRO 7.

In the meantime, while the city council voted to adopt this wonderful idea, the jobs for those 7,000 people at the new Amazon building are on the line.

The latest official count of the homeless in Seattle is being reported at 5,500,  up 44% from two years ago.

That’s interesting math.

That is not to say that all the homeless people could get jobs at Amazon. Some of them should be in mandatory custodial care and would be incapable of doing any job for anyone. Some are addicts who would need to get and stay clean.

Some lost their jobs during the recession and now can’t find work because they can’t furnish a legal permanent address or a recent work history. Some may be illegal aliens.

But some are simply homeless because they can’t afford to live in these liberal cities, where the median single family home price in Seattle is reported to be over three-quarters of a million dollars and going up annually at 15% a year.

Perhaps Seattle is contemplating raising the minimum wage to $50 an hour so people can afford these homes?

Whatever the cause of the burgeoning national homeless population, blaming big businesses for it is patently ridiculous.

Of course liberals point to the tax cuts and jobs legislation and say that these people are homeless because businesses got too large a tax advantage, ignoring the fact that there have been homeless people in Seattle for a decade and more.

Conveniently overlooked are all the jobs and wage increases and expansions that have resulted since the passage of the new tax bill. Businesses have created 2.28 million jobs from February 2017 through April 2018, according to the newly updated figures from

Where do liberals think the money came from for Walmart to increase everyone’s wage to $11 an hour, or for even small businesses to hire one or two extra people?

Indeed, why do they think Amazon is spending the money to build more facilities and hire more people? As rich as the company is, it would not be expanding unless it thought that more people are going to be able to buy products and pay the newly increased Prime fee.

Perhaps Seattle thought that Jeff Bezos, as the figurehead for the ultra-liberal progresssives and anti-Trump forces would be OK with coughing up millions and millions of dollars to take care of 5500 homeless folks.

And maybe he would, but it’s doubtful that his stockholders will feel the same way. Amazon could soon be looking for a new HQ1 as well as a second headquarters home, the incoherent ravings of the group “Working Washington” not withstanding.

That’s the problem with socialism.  It works great until you run out of other people’s money.

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