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It’s time we had answers.

May 22, 2018

In a move that many people reacted to with “It’s about time” the President formally ordered an investigation into the claims that his campaign was surveilled and perhaps infiltrated by the justice and intelligence community for political reasons.

That italicized word is important.

There are legitimate reasons that could have been afoot that would explain such actions as having one or more FBI assets reporting on Trump and his people.

What’s interesting about the left’s reaction was that they ignored the word and immediately tried to smear the President for simply trying to see if an American political campaign was  unlawfully penetrated with the purpose of manipulating an election and now, undermining a presidency.

When a pig squeals as loud as is the left, it’s generally because someone’s got him by the hind legs.

It remains to be seen whether the IG is left in charge, or a second special counsel is appointed. Either way, we have a right to know what happened, and why.

Maybe we are moving closer to finding out just how truly dirty politics is.



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