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Do we have right to see everything?

May 23, 2018

We, as in you and me, specifically about the Trump campaign spying alleged to have been conducted by the left-leaning members of our intelligence agencies.

Quite frankly, no. But we do have the right to expect that the people who do see “everything” will act upon that information honestly.

All this crap about spying on a campaign for political purposes has only come about because the left is so committed to deposing Donald Trump, and that’s really funny.

Had they just sucked it up and gone about their business, none of the nasty stuff we’ve learned about the FBI, CIA, IRS and DNS and even Hillary Clinton would have ever come to light.

They couldn’t do that, and here we are. That’s what a guilty conscience will do for you.

Everyone wanted Donald Trump to drain the swamp, and instead, just his mere presence is doing that for him.

You have Dems like Schiff and Schumer calling the President using his constitutionally mandated powers “illegal and obstructionist.”

There’s no point in rebutting every stupid statement like that, but people notice, and they file it away for future reference.

So go ahead, swamp dwellers.  Keep churning stuff off the bottom and bringing it to the top. Maybe it makes us uncomfortable to have our suspicions confirmed, but we’re big boy and girls, and we can handle it.

Can you?

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