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Wrong move.

May 24, 2018

It seems Kim Jong Un may have run off at the mouth once too often.

Threatening the U.S. and especially this President with a nuclear strike ahead of the Singapore summit unless the U.S. did things Kim’s way was a loser before it even happened.

Any President, regardless of party, who buckled under that threat would lose his world standing immediately.

What’s interesting is why Kim would have gone that route.

Every pundit is assuming it was China’s idea, but let us not forget this is Kim Jong Un. The Kim family has been playing this game for decades.

Whatever the reason, only Nancy Pelosi would think that this is a “giggle fest.”

It’s probably time for Kim to reassess the playbook.

As for Pelosi, she has recently stood up for MS-13 and now she’s backing Kim over the President. Just whose government does she represent? Surely, not ours. Maybe it’s the moonbeam party.

She is obviously suffering from a terminal case of TDS.

Even many Democrats are distancing themselves from her now.  Hopefully that means they are smart enough to make this sure this term is her last one.

In the meantime, someone should explain to Kim the concept of bringing a knife to a gunfight

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