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TGIF – May 25, 2018.

May 25, 2018

Much ado about everything.

There was a time when the words “breaking news” automatically stopped you in your tracks. Today, everything is breaking news.

So it has been with President Trump’s cancellation of the Singapore summit.

One of the things the left hates about Trump is his habit of conducting some of the nation’s business on Twitter.

The rest of us are somewhat fascinated with , and often repulsed by, hearing and seeing the unfiltered workings of government

It seems to frustrate his opponents that they can’t come out and either misquote him or actually lie about what he says with impunity because his actual words are right there in front of the world.

“How un-Presidential” they huff. “This is not the way we do things here in Washington” they declare.

Yeah, we know.  That’s kind of why he was elected.

What Memorial Day memorializes.

Amidst all the fun things we do on this weekend, let’s not forget that there are tens of thousands of graves of young men and women who gave their lives to defend this nation.

Not a black nation, or a brown nation, or a white nation. Not a Democrat or Republican nation.

Our nation.

Please keep that in the back of your mind this Memorial Day.

Musings holiday schedule.

Barring WWIII breaking out, Musings is going to take a break as well. Have a fun and safe Memorial Day, and we’ll see you Tuesday.

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