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Who should pay off student loans?

May 29, 2018

According to one Colorado Democrat, you should.

Representative Jared Polis (D-CO) plans to introduce legislation to repeal the tax cuts, and use the money to cancel out all student loans.

It would forgive all the student loan debt for a purported 43 million students plus increase the “free” money they could realize from Pell grants.

The proposed legislation has a zero chance of becoming law, but it highlights the mindset of  the Socialist Democrats  who increasingly think they speak for America.

The so-called “Students over Special Interests Act” repeats the leftist propaganda that the only people benefitting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are greedy corporations and fat cat shareholders, saying it has resulted in hundreds of layoffs, while neglecting to mention it has helped create millions of jobs and higher paychecks.

It wouldn’t even be worth mentioning if it wasn’t an election year.

It’s fair to say that Republicans and even a lot of Democrats are even more sick of all the drama in Washington than they were in 2016.

Democrats are counting on that to keep Republicans away from the polls, allowing them to sneak enough new representatives and senators into the House and Senate to actually pass legislation like that of Representative Polis.

The student loan totals are big, but they are also an abject lesson for today’s coddled young people, to wit, at some time you have to pay the piper. No one held a gun to their heads and forced them to sign for six and seven figure loans.

Admittedly that’s a foreign concept to many but it’s one that it’s better to learn early in life.

Many Republicans and independents aren’t saying much about the election yet, but come November perhaps they will let their votes speak for them once again.

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