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Speaking of racial bias…

May 30, 2018

Starbucks had four hours of forced diversity training yesterday., but according to one person who was in one of these “trainings”, the event itself was a study in racial bias.

In the case of the person commenting on the “training”, she was sufficiently offended by the constant references to “unconscious bias” that she left the meeting when it ended and promptly quit her job. This is how she explained that action.

” I was brought up to see everyone as an individual and I have lived my life that way until recently. However, now I am constantly told that if I disapprove of something someone is doing, I have to give them a pass if they are not of my race, which is white.

I am not going to be labeled by anyone, be it a progressive or a conservative, yet that is exactly what was happening yesterday.  Any bias I may have now is directly related to the recent trend toward tribalism.

I am no more responsible for what my great-great-great grandfather did than you are. I do not see blacks as an inferior race, nor as slaves. In fact for the record my forebears were northern Yankees and fought on the side of the union, so accusing me of “unconscious bias” is both incorrect and racially biased.”

One comment on this. Starbucks is a private business and can do whatever it likes about training.  However, it’s hypocritical not to note that the manager of the store that started all this was simply following company policy in effect at that time and was made the scapegoat in all this.

Forget diversity training.  What we need today is simple honesty and fairness.

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