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TGIF – June 1, 2018.

June 1, 2018

What’s a spy?

Confused by all the semantics about spies, confidential informant or whatever is in vogue at the time?

Essentially their function is the same. Report on the internal operations of an organization to law enforcement, intelligence agencies or the military.

However, according to a man who has run these assets, a spy is typically inserted into the operation from the outside, while a CI is someone already in the organization who cooperates either voluntarily as a whistleblower, or under some sort of duress like fear of prosecution.

We leave it up to you to decide where the Cambridge professor fits.

Good taste is not prudish.

In the aftermath of the Samantha Bee/Roseanne controversy some people are ridiculing those of us who find both instances unacceptable.

“Everyone talks this way” they say, while smirking at people and their “virgin” ears.

Well, in large part they are right. People do talk this way, but they don’t do it in public.

You (and I) are entitled to call each other vulgar names in the privacy of our homes. Putting it out on video or on Twitter or FB inflicts it on others, including the children of those being attacked.

Believe me when I say that I could make this blog as bad or worse than anything the Bees of this world could come up with; I simply choose not to do so. It wouldn’t add anything to the conversation anyway.

Apparently these “entertainment” types don’t have any societal filters like that. If that’s OK today, then our society has fallen into a black hole from which it may never escape.

And that’s more than enough said on this topic.

Don’t knock “right to try.”

Unless you are dying, you have no idea how these people feel. For the mother who wants to hold her children even just a little longer, some hope is better than no hope.

There are limitations on what treatments can be offered and built in safeguards to protect the patients.

Until you are terminal, maybe you ought to leave these decisions up to the people who have the right to make them.


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