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Whence goeth California?

June 4, 2018

Cali holds its primary tomorrow, and the results should prove interesting.

Keep in mind that there are more than three Democrats for every Republican in the state, so the state is unlikely to suddenly turn red.

However, due to their goofy jumble voting system, it could sure take on a purplish tinge.

The results also hinge on how many disaffected Democrats and closet independents actually speak out for change.

Schiff, Schumer and Co. would have you believe that everyone in the state just LOVES being a sanctuary state.

Obviously that’s not true, since over 20 cities and counties have said they aren’t on board.

Will they take that disaffection to the polls?

Contrary to some people’s idea that California is the model for 21st century America, a majority of Americans are not interested in becoming residents of another south of the border state.

To the extent that anyone cares about what California does within its borders, a great many people more closely identify the state with Marxist Germany in the 1930’s than they do with America.

Of course the primary will only be a indicator. What matters is the November election.

But if California is to remain a functioning member of the United States, tomorrow matters too.

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