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TGIF – June 8, 2018

June 8, 2018

California dreaming.

By now every pundit has dissected the impact of a Republican winning a spot in California’s governor’s race.

GOP voters did show up big time.  Ask one of them why, and you might get an answer like this.

I had a choice.  Vote GOP or leave. I don’t want to leave. I want a state where fish don’t have more right to water than I do. A place where illegal immigrants aren’t entitled to free healthcare, but I have to pay for mine. A place where I don’t have to smell the feces of homeless people. I want a place where I am not taxed to death to promote illegal immigration. I just want the California of my youth back.  Maybe Mr. Cox can do that. I hope he can.”

Sounds like some Californians get it.

Spare us your outrage, Canada.

With the G7 summit ongoing today, here’s an observation.

Canada’s Trudeau must think Americans are stupid, since he is huffing and puffing about the steel and aluminum tariffs.

The truth is, Canada already has tariffs as high as 245% on U.S. produced cheese, and 298% on butter that we send into Canada as well as quotas and tariffs on other products.

That’s fine if they want to do that. After all, it’s their country, and we don’t have to export these items  to them if we don’t like it.

But haranguing President Trump for economic protectionism, in view of Canada’s policies, is just plain hypocritical.

Why not keep all children with their parents?

The left’s phony outrage over separating immigrant children from their parents leads one to ask whether we should always leave children with their parents.

Why not leave six year olds with their crack addicted mothers, up to and including putting them in jail with Mom?

Of course that’s ridiculous, and so is all this blather about separating illegal immigrant children from their parents.

What about the unaccompanied minors? What should we do with them?

Perhaps Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer can take them into their homes as foster children. At least then we could find the foster parents.

All we would have to do is track them to the nearest microphone.

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