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Meantime, back here at home.

June 12, 2018

There’s almost no point in commenting on the commenters on the Singapore Summit from the MSM. As always, it boils down to “Trump bad.”

However, Musings will make this one observation. When people like leftist cheerleader Adrienne Elrod can make statements  like “I’m concerned that there aren’t enough confirmed people working in the State  Dept. to deal with the denuclearization issue” with a straight face, you know the Botox industry is thriving.

If the past 48 hours results in gaining back a few seconds on the Doomsday clock, we should all be happy Kool-Aid drinkers.

So, what about back here at home?

In a long overdue move, AG Sessions is once again addressing the problem of federally funded censorship and school sanctioned political bias on college campuses, this time targeting the University of Michigan.

In the old Soviet Union, there were so-called re-education camps. People were sent there when they dared to question the Communist doctrine.

But not even in the Soviet Union of old were people so stupid as to willingly pay tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege of being brainwashed.

Withholding all taxpayer funds from colleges is not the answer. That just hurts  people who need financial help to even go to college.

However, when free speech is stifled to the point that students are not getting an education, but simply a membership certificate into socialism, perhaps it’s time to systematically call attention to whether these are schools, or as mentioned, re-education camps.

Ultimately this issue may wind up in the Supreme Court, particularly if someone, or several someones, come forward with proof that their grades were tampered with based upon their political  ideology.

Or we could just stop sending these propaganda mills grist for their grindstones.

After all, college educated government paper tapers say they make  60 grand a year.

A master plumber averages that for doing real work. A master mechanic working on brands like Volvos or Mercedes cars can double that $60K figure annually.

Think about it.

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