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Time for a Singapore sling?

June 14, 2018

Well, it’s apparently unavoidable…commenting on the Singapore summit that is. That said, opinions are like pieholes…everybody has one, so here’s ours.

What does this particular Kim want more than anything?  Recognition. North Korea isn’t a hermit kingdom just because of the Kim dynasty.

For five decades, the world has tried to pretend the country doesn’t exist. Apparently, believing that if NoKo isn’t noticed it will go away is a political strategy.

So, each dictator has tried something else to make the world acknowledge its existence. That’s gotten us to where we are today.

President Trump is apparently taking a different tack, meeting with Kim Jong Un as he would the head of any other country.  That said, he may seem to be slathering it on a bit thick, but then he’s been in the room with Kim, unlike any of the rest of us.

The criticism he has gotten is also a bit overdone.

Remember, he is a businessman.  He’s going to put his brand on the project, but from here on in, it’s the job of his department heads to handle the nitty gritty details.

As the MSM whines about human rights not being the focus of this first meeting, let us remember that this dictator has a number of nuclear bombs at his disposal, and certainly appeared more than ready to use them to get noticed.

Human rights are important, but certainly not quite as high a priority as not having our west coast disappear under a mushroom cloud.

If, six months from now we haven’t gotten a hands-on inspection of NoKo’s nuclear production facilities and an inventory, that will be the time to revisit Singapore’s effectiveness.

The day may well yet still come when we have to take the nation out. Even the President acknowledged that.

Until then, let’s see how this works out.

Perhaps today isn’t the time to turn your fallout shelter into the local poker palace, but then no one is diving under their desks today either.


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