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TGIF – June 15, 2018.

June 15, 2018

IG Report #1.

For all the hype, the IG’s report on how the Hillary email investigation was conducted turned out much as expected. Both pro-and anti-Trumpers can find items of interest in this tome.

It’s important to remember that this particular investigation only refers to Hillary’s email problem and the FBI’s handling of that investigation.

If you want to read the whole 568 pages, you can link to it here.

Yes, Comey is a tool with a Sir Galahad complex. Yes, Loretta Lynch showed really bad judgment, as did her DAG. Yes, improvements need to be made, but regarding the people mentioned in the report who are dumb enough to still be working there, this is a personnel matter so butt out America, per current FBI Director Wray.

At least 100 FBI employees took perks and cash to leak to the news media, not once or twice but dozens of times  each, as documented in the OIG report.  So much for the agency’s much vaunted culture of integrity.

Strangely, none of these 100-plus people can be identified in the report, leaving us to wonder if they will ever be indicted.

As for some of the others who are identified, the Office of Personnel Management has no jurisdiction over anyone who is already out the door. Someone or some agency might have legal recourse, but it won’t be the OPM.

In a Starbucks-like moment, Director Wray said they would “re-train” everyone on revised expectations and guidelines.

Why bother? The many good people in the FBI were already following the rules, and the others never intended to, making the whole exercise a waste of time.

In short, for the American people, this was a lot of money to spend to verify what one’s own eyes and ears had already deduced.

Truthfully, most normal people just don’t give a damn, not because they aren’t interested but because they are convinced that Washington has, does and will always have a core of  corruption.

As one man put it, the only way to cure that is for all government employees to come with a self-destruct button that activates a few years after they are hired or elected, if they don’t leave willingly.

Immigration  – Do we get a bill this time?

That is going to depend on the Senate and to a lesser extent the House, which fell two signatures short of passing a discharge petition.

The President has signaled that he would sign a compromise bill, so long as it at least fully addresses his primary concerns, DACA and the border wall.

All this angst over separating illegal immigrant children from the people who brought them across the border misses the primary problem.

Every time we allow another minor, accompanied or not, into the U.S. illegally, we are creating a new DACA group for this or another President to deal with.

That’s largely why the current crop of Dreamers being considered for legal residency started out at 700,000 and is now over three million.

Time is growing short for Congress to find its backbone and voters are watching.

Yep, cereal is bad for you.

Not nutritionally, but because one type is reportedly  infected with salmonella.

In the great scheme of  TDS, tariffs, North Korea and James Comey’s FBI management, maybe not being able to trust the safety of the food we buy doesn’t quite measure up for the MSM.

To the rest of us, it’s kind of important.

It’s time for the FDA to get its act together. Way too many unsafe food items are making it out into the marketplace.

Surely, if we can solve world peace, we should be able to be sure our food doesn’t kill us.


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