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New theater performances begin.

June 18, 2018

Another week, another set of performances, and frankly, most people don’t even care anymore.

No one wants to hear Peter Strzok lie to Congress, or IG Horowitz try to square all of his criticisms of the partisanship and rank incompetence in the FBI and DOJ with his conclusion that bias had no effect on the Clinton investigation.

No one wants to hear the Democrats blather on about separation of children from parents, or coyotes or whomever brought them across the border while they ignore the fact that both President Obama and Bush 43 did it routinely. Leave us not forget that the pictures of “children in cages” were taken in 2014.

What they do want is for all this hot air to result in solutions, and that seems just as unlikely to happen today as it did six months ago.

Ask 20 people (and we did) whether they think that even if the House manages to pass something on immigration reform, it will clear the Senate and you’ll get 20 “no” votes. They note that McConnell has already said he won’t push for immigration legislation before the midterms.

Even President Trump comes in for his share of criticism over his habit of popping off without thinking ahead, as happened when he said he wasn’t for “either one” of the immigration solutions. That was neither a joke or sarcasm, it was simply a failure to parse what he was saying before the words left his mouth.

That said, no one is blind to the effect the ideology of hate adopted as the Democrat’s party platform is having both on the President’s ability to govern and the country as a whole.

Even ordinary Democrats in fly-over country  acknowledge that they are more likely to sit out the next election than vote for people who might support radicals in the party once they get to Washington.

Sure, they say they will vote their consciences when they get to Washington, but if you want to know how that really works, put your political allegiances aside and read this Politico piece about Raul Labrador, headlined  “This place just sucks your soul.”  Labrador went to Washington as an idealist. He knows better now.

That’s the swamp in full stink mode.

That said, the press will have some new Kabuki acts to write about now.

That leaves the rest of us to note that if you don’t like the play, maybe it’s time to change the actors.

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