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About those kids.

June 19, 2018

To say that separating children from parents who choose to jump the border rather than go through ports of entry (where they would not be separated) is bad optics is an understatement.

Never mind that courts throughout the United States do this virtually every day, because parents who commit crimes cannot care for their children in jail.

And by definition, sneaking across the border is a crime, especially if the person in question has done it more than once, when it escalates from being a misdemeanor to a felony.

That’s a logical observation, but logic has little to do with immigration issues today. .

Sure it looks bad. Hell, it is bad, when it affects an actual family, rather than paid escorts or child traffickers.

But let’s try to inject at least a thimble full of honesty into the conversation.

Yesterday  Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen mentioned that of the approximately 12,000 minors currently in government detention, about 10,000 were either unaccompanied by ANY adult, or the adults who brought them in weren’t related in any way to the kids.

She also quoted a figure of 50,000 people arrested in each of the last three months for illegally jumping the border, i.e. not going through the ports of entry.

She did not give a figure, because she has no way of knowing, for those who made it in without being arrested.

We know, since the media has reported on it, that car and truckloads of illegal immigrants are being ferried in and are only being caught by chance because they are found roasting to death in semi truck trailers, or being injured or killed in auto accidents, as they were in Texas yesterday.

Somehow, Democrats seem to miss those points when they are pontificating about Nazi Germany and dog cages.

Also ignored is the fact that HHS and CPB can’t hold minors with their families for more than 20 days if the parents are charged with a crime, which they will be for illegal entry. Trump didn’t write that law, nor the one that makes it a crime to enter the country illegally.

Is he using the issue for political purposes? The answer is almost certainly yes, given that Congress, and particularly the Senate, seem to be ready to slough off any real attempt at actually passing immigration reform.

Will the resulting furor prove worth it?  That remains to be seen, but it sure put illegal immigration back in the public eye.

To his credit, Senator Cruz has reportedly introduced emergency legislation that would allow for more judges, expedited hearings on asylum and more family detention centers, but that doesn’t address the problem of unaccompanied or trafficked minors, nor does it cure illegal immigration as a whole.

Democrats prefer that border jumpers simply not be dealt with at all, but simply released “pending hearings.”  In other words, back to catch and release.

Senator Cruz is at least attempting to handle the problem as it should be handled, by creating a law that addresses the immediate problem. It remains to be seen whether he can shepherd that through Congress and whether the President would sign it without getting substantial immigration reform.

As for our take, we wonder when the sign carriers and Nancy Pelosi will start picketing our criminal courts to protest involuntary separation of families via our criminal justice system..

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