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And we pay these people?

June 20, 2018

The news that Chuck Schumer admitted that the Democrats are refusing to vote to change or modify immigration laws so they can lay it all at the President’s feet isn’t sitting well with  some American taxpayers.

“Maddie”   I’m so effin’ tired of these tit-sucking politicians and government employees fornicating with each on the job and collecting my tax dollars and paying themselves a salary I could throw up. And I mean all of them, Republicans and Democrats.”

“James”  “You want to know who is separating families?  It’s that d–khead Schumer and his crowd.”

And those are just the ones that we can clean up enough to print.

Sure, the President could “fix” his zero tolerance policy with the swipe of a pen. All he has to do is refuse to uphold the laws Congress and the courts have created.

WTH, everybody else does that, so why not the President?

Well, for one thing, his base didn’t vote for him to go along to get along.

Apparently, Democrats are “concerned” that Trump’s approval numbers are rising. It seems people like politicians who keep their word.

That said, he may have to find a way to put this issue on hold temporarily, just to shut down  the media circus.  Something like suspending it for two weeks or so to give the congressional do-nothings time to do their job, or at least to prove one more time that they can’t or won’t.

There was an interesting visual yesterday as the President’s meeting with Republican seat warmers broke up.

Just prior to the meeting breaking up a bunch of people, purportedly Democrats who belong to something called the Hispanic caucus, jumped in front of the cameras holding signs hyping their concerns with families being separated. Apparently the Hispanic caucus is like the congressional black caucus, representing just those interests who look like and think like  themselves.

What was  the visual? As the President came out, the capital police formed a line between the protestors and the people, including the President, leaving the meeting.

That’s a great metaphor for how Washington runs today. It’s a sad thing when the Capital police have to protect the President from potential injury by the people in our Congress who disagree with him.

When even our legislature is divided by identity politics, the idea that we have a government that represents America as a whole is not just laughable, it’s a damn lie.

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