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The swamp wins again.

June 21, 2018

Once again, the left and right have joined together to keep the issue of immigration and deportation front and center. Not to solve it of course, but to exploit it.

President Trump has addressed the issue of separating children from their parents.

It now appears the left is opposing that too, because they don’t want anyone arrested or detained, not even as a family unit.

Some in Trump’s own base aren’t terribly happy about his actions, not because they hate kids, but because the fix seems to be something easily challenged by activist judges.

After all, technically, if he holds these family units over 20 days he is also breaking the law as interpreted by the judicial system.  Reno v. Flores in 1993 applies to the unaccompanied minors, the decision by Judge Gee in 2015 relates to family units.

He is learning what Obama, Bush 43, Clinton and Bush 41 found out for themselves. No one that serves in Washington wants to end illegal immigration.

It’s just too lucrative as an issue for both sides. The President should have known that, if not through the history of the issue, then by the failure of his last attempt this spring to whipsaw Congress into voting for reform.

Indeed, it appears that the only way immigration could ever be reformed is by the American voters themselves.

They would have to start routinely and dispassionately voting every single legislator out of office every time they are given a chance to do so, and make it very, very clear that the price of their loyalty is reform.

The political lifespan of a member of Congress should be one term, until they get the message.

That’s a lovely idea, but getting 130 million people to do that every two years for a decade or so is a pipe dream.

Alternatively, the people who want to firm up the border and end illegal immigration need to become as effective as the army of the left, and if that means resorting to hyperbole, so be it.

That’s always been a problem for the right.  They don’t want to be seen as being as crass as their left wing adversaries.

The problem with being “better” than your enemies is that these are fights fought in the gutters of politics, so standing up there on the dais of righteous principle means you can’t even land a punch.

So what does punching back mean?

It’s more of a figurative than a literal punch (at least most of the time.)

It means that when the pack stands there screaming “shame” there needs to be twice that many people screaming “swamp thing” or some such catch phrase right back at them.

It means making a big deal out of every employer whose workforce suddenly can’t speak fluent English.

Of course all that nastiness could be avoided if Congress actually passes immigration legislation this week.  No one is holding their breath waiting for that to happen.

Is this going to get messier yet? Absolutely.

Still, it’s damned hard to scramble eggs if you don’t crack the shells.

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