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TGIF – June 22, 2018.

June 22, 2018

Congressional fail.

To no one’s great surprise, Congress and specifically the House failed to pass one of the immigration reform bills yesterday, and the smart money says they won’t pass the so-called compromise bill next week either

We hate to say we told you so, but we did.

And once again, one term is plenty for anyone that proves over and over again that they are just about drawing a paycheck from the taxpayers.  No one we know ever said “I want to be a lazy, partisan hack for a living when I grow up” and we are tired of seeing our money used to such poor effect.

Maybe we can fix that problem in November.

BTW, if you want to know how these drones have voted by party, you can access the info at this URL:  You can search by issue or bill number.

You can also access information for a particular member at, like this:

Starshine in Tinseltown.

Geez, who found the switch and turned on Peter Fonda’s battery? Most people outside of the giant Candyland bubble of Hollywood thought he had died years ago.

Perhaps he is going to be one of the campaign content creators for the Democrats, since they don’t have a real campaign strategy.

You gotta wonder about the mental state of a guy who threatens the President’s son, as well as the cretins who think they are going to take on the Border Patrol and win. Maybe he got a batch of pot laced with locoweed.

People like this also inspire other psychopaths like the toadstool, Laurence Key, who, according to news reports threatened to kill a politician’s kids.

Seriously though, this kind of psychopathic crap shows just how unhinged Hollywood and the rest of the left is, and calls into question why anyone would spend good money to waste an hour or more of their time watching the drivel that passes for entertainment in the land of the loony.

There is another danger as well.

Someone, somewhere is going to actually take action on these threats and when and if they do it’s going to get a lot uglier than it is even now.

Charles Krauthammer 1950-2018

On the 8th of this month, I wrote my personal tribute to Charles Krauthammer. Yeah, I admired the guy’s style.  A lot.

Yesterday we learned that he has left us.

People grieve upon the death of someone not for the departed, but for themselves. Grief is so very much about being left behind.

Somehow, I half expect a disembodied smooth, sonorous voice to break into Special Report one day, and say “Hey guys, wish you were here.”  That would be so very Charles of him.


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