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Is there a long game in play?

June 25, 2018

This weekend we were treated to a story about the White House Press Secretary being kicked out of a privately owned restaurant.

Initially it was treated by some as the right of the restaurant owner to do this simply because she hates Trump, under guise of free speech. The motives became a little muddier when some outlets revealed that the owner felt she and her gay employees felt triggered by Mrs. Sanders presence.

This called into question whether the owner was really reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the bakery owner.  (The Supreme Court does not work for the President, and his only appointee was not the deciding vote in that 7-2 decision.)

And then there was the YouTube video posted by something called the “Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America.”

It consisted of the ragtag left-over protestors from previous “movements” like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the pink hatted feminist marchers, and a half-dozen others crowding into a Washington D.C. Mexican restaurant to stage their little internet spectacular against DHS Sec. Nielsen. Some media reports said they were bused in.

Someone was obviously keeping pretty close tabs on the DHS Secretary’s movements to put that together so quickly.

Oh yes, and the photo-shopped counterfeit Time Magazine cover of the crying two year old who has never even seen President Trump in person. You know, the one whose mother reportedly paid a coyote $6,000 so she could come to the U.S. for a better economic future.  BTW, crying and fussing is something two year olds do, over almost anything.

These are just some of the stories about who is or isn’t a Nazi, or whether to target someone’s children because you don’t like their political views, the color of their skin,  or whether they wear a uniform and so on.

This media circus simply points out how what has been dubbed Trump Derangement Syndrome is coloring every facet of life in the country now, sometimes in ways that have already led to someone’s death or serious injury, such as Steve Scalise and all the ambush killings of police officers this year.

And that’s the real story here.

This violence and disinformation campaign is almost too pervasive and carefully directed, such as the national harassment campaign called for by people like Maxine Waters,  to be an incidental reaction to one man being elected President.

Sure, the media in all forms is hyping this up unmercifully, and people with melted butter for brains are sopping up all the hate speech like a dry pancake and then vomiting it out all over  social media.

And yes, maybe President Trump would often be better off if he sometimes put his hands in his pockets and zipped his lip.

But underneath all the superficialities, this hysteria is starting to look almost too well orchestrated.

All along there has been a nagging question or two behind all of the disproportionate election outrage.

Who had what to hide when HRC didn’t become the next president? What was she being so carefully  groomed and guided to do, given that her only message seemed to be about muzzling and taking jobs away from all the people she deemed “deplorable”?

Why all the push for open borders? How does that advantage ordinary native-born or legally naturalized Americans?

The U.S. is a pretty big target for both its domestic and global enemies. Too big to get away with conquering by military force without expending a massive amount of money and political assets.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to just provide the means to let it tear itself apart by fomenting social unrest?

Is this just about a bunch of venal politicians on the take who are afraid they might lose power and the money that follows it?

Or, there a global long game in play here?

Just wondering.

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