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All hail to the swamp.

June 28, 2018

Chuck Schemer thinks that he and his cronies should block the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice because there is a pending non-Presidential election going on.

If that was the criteria, we would never have a confirmation hearing for a justice again, because there is always another election in progress.

This one essentially began the day after the last one, and the next one will begin the day after this one and so forth and so on.

Although it’s only Thursday, this has shaped up to be one of those weeks Democrats would like to forget about.

First, they have Auntie Maxine on national TV threatening Trump’s cabinet. Then they lost on two significant cases they have been using as campaign issues, a Bernie sis knocked off one of their stalwarts, and now they have to worry about having another constitutionalist sitting on the Supreme Court.

That, my friends, is the Dems definition of hell on earth.

By Friday, they will probably have found or manufactured some new shiny object to tie to the President, but right now there is definitely trouble in paradise.

For the people who have learned to view politics as a spectator sport, it’s been interesting to watch.

Some of the rest us would like to see a little less performance art, and a lot more governing.

Once again, the GOP majority in the House managed to step in it on immigration, and it stinks.

You’d think that maybe someone might be smart enough to peel off the wall funding and the DACA issue and get at least that much done.

But hell, it’s Washington. Who are we kidding?

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