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TGIF – June 29, 2018.

June 29, 2018

Bureaucratese, a primer.

Want to know how these “fact-finding” congressional hearings are going with the FBI and DOJ bosses?

Let’s illustrate it this way.

Premise. You are being asked by your homeowners association (HOA) why you painted your house pink, which is forbidden by HOA rules.

HOA:  Why did you paint your house pink?

 YOU:  What do you mean by pink?

 HOA:  A light shade of red.

 YOU:  Are you asking if I painted my house red?

 HOA: (Holds up a card with the color on it)

This color. Did you paint your house this color?

 YOU:  Are you asking if I painted my house?

You get the point.

Giant left-wing W-A-A-A-H.

God help us, the Supreme Court might actually become a court again instead of an activist law-making body.

If it wasn’t so pitiful, the unhinged left’s meltdown over Justice Kennedy’s retirement might be funny.

Their biggest fear is apparently over abortion rights, with some liberals strangely telling women to “stock up on birth control pills.”  (Now if they would only take them, then abortion wouldn’t even be much of an issue.)

Actually, as noted by Utah’s Senator Mike Lee, the very fact that SCOTUS is a court may protect Roe v. Wade.

Does anyone else think it is incongruous to demonstrate over separating kids from their parents at the border while panicking over the remote possibility of the loss of a woman’s right to abort an unborn child?

Perhaps this is the best shiny object the Dems could come up with on short notice.

And finally, be careful what you wish for.

Over the past few days, we have heard aome Democrats calling for physical confrontations, and seen video of former legislators like now MSNBC analyst Donna Edwards saying “I think this is really about the heart and the soul of the Democratic Party that wants Democrats to fight on this one for real,…” and “…having the street rise up against them…”

Lady, you don’t really want that to happen.

True, she can say she didn’t mean real street fighting, (like you know, with guns and clubs and bricks and Molotov cocktails, that sort of thing), but there are thousands of people out there who heard it that way. Some really off the wall left-wing  extremist types backed by media groups are even calling for that kind of violence up front.

Maybe Ms. Edwards  doesn’t remember the 1992 Rodney King riots, but people tend to wind up dead in those “protests.”

Half of America has been subjected to listening to some Democrats and most progressive socialists call them deplorables, racists, smelly, stupid, and a whole host of things far worse than that now for over ten years. The other half has been exhorted to resist all things Trump, by whatever means necessary.

But this is about a lot more than some childish name-calling.

We have people publishing the names and addresses of ICE agents and targeting people’s families and surrounding law enforcement agencies like ICE to keep them from doing their jobs.

The left’s main complaint with ICE is that it arrests and deports illegal aliens, a large number of whom have committed crimes beyond just entering the company illegally. And even 8% of 12 to 20 million people here illegally is a large number.

So let’s say we do fire all the ICE agents. Who then handles deportation?  And would it matter to the progressives what the name of that agency might be, if it did the same job that ICE does now?

The answer is no. ANY agency that enforced the borders of this country would receive exactly the same complaints ICE is getting now.

This is not about ICE, it is about open borders. Listen to their chants.

This is not to say that all Democrats are a part of this. They aren’t, but the ones who are have big mouths and willing and well-funded accomplices.

To be fair, the President needs to clean it up a bit too. He can decry the anti-Americanism, crudity and venality of the left’s actions without adding to it.

This isn’t going to get out of hand.  It is already is out of hand. All it’s going to take is the wrong word or action at exactly the right moment, and Ms. Edwards may get all the street fighting she wants and more.

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