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Voices from the other side.

July 2, 2018

Over the weekend we all saw lots of coverage of the protestors and their “Families belong together” signs.

“Alex” (not his real name) asked this question on Saturday.

“Where are the signs that say “no visa, no entrada’ or no visa, no dinero” or ‘no visa, no trabajo?” (No visa, no entry; no visa, no money; no visa, no job.)

My parents and I immigrated from Mexico 20 years ago, when I was 11, and they did it legally.  We are all citizens now. Letting all these people stay here that came in illegally is just not right.

Look, I understand why they come. My parents left Mexico because the cartels own everything and everybody. I’ll bet at least two-thirds of the illegal immigrants now or maybe more paid the cartels to get them across the border. Whether America realizes it or not, the cartels own them now, even if they don’t owe anybody any money.”

Now Mexico seems ready to elect  a man who says he will not fight the cartels. You think it’s bad now, just wait.

It was dumb to use the kids as a weapon. But it’s a lot dumber to let that be an excuse for illegal immigration.”

 We asked “Alex” if he demonstrated against the protestors.

“No, because my wife got scared I might get hurt. But I went and talked to some of them.  One sign isn’t going to make a difference. Maybe I should have asked some others to come too. Most of the protestors aren’t bad people, but they don’t seem to realize how much they are being used. All this crap is about overthrowing Trump and it’s getting the cartels even more firmly into place here than they are now.

I said it was dumb to use the kids as weapons and it was. I know it’s the law, but it’s bad politics. But don’t forget, the President didn’t bring those kids here, and the parents didn’t have to jump the border.

These anti-Trump protest leaders are bought and paid for. Who do we get to lead the ones who know first-hand how much damage these illegal immigrants will do to our country? I don’t want to be paid, but I do need to know somebody won’t blow me away or retaliate against my family for asking real questions about the other side of this issue.”

As he hung up the gas hose and got back in his car he said softly, Next time I will leave my wife at home”

Musings doesn’t know how many people like “Alex” there are out there, but we thought that his questions deserved an airing.

Since Saturday, Obrador has been elected. If he governs as he campaigned, time will tell if “Alex’s” take on our future is right, and maybe not much time at that.

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