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Putting the shoe on the other foot.

July 3, 2018

News accounts are reporting EPA Director Scott Pruitt was accosted in a restaurant by a young woman, her husband and involuntarily, her young child. She was upset over climate change. The woman, apparently following Auntie Maxine’s directive, reportedly told him she wanted him to resign, among other things.

Which led Musings to wonder this:

This young woman has at least one child, as evidenced by photos of the event.  Using 2017 figures, the little darling will directly or indirectly generate 16.6 metric tons of pollution, simply by virtue of being alive.  (Source:  Eco-Shift Consulting, PDF)

What would happen if every liberal was accosted in a restaurant and berated and ordered to stop having babies to improve the climate, or censured for the kids they already have?

This is NOT, repeat NOT a call for anyone to go out and do this.

In the first place it’s stupid, unless you assume all humans should go the way of the dinosaurs. In the second place, it’s rude and ineffective.

But it is illustrative of the effectiveness of the logic behind harassing people in public spaces.

First, it makes the people doing the harassing appear unhinged. Second, it hardens public opinion on the other side. Third it’s, yes, rude and ineffective.

As my grandmother used to say “You can always tell how people well were raised by the way they act in public.”

Lately the left seems to be having a collective psychotic break.

With all the current emphasis on committing more funds toward improving mental health care, perhaps they are just angling for their share of the financial  pie.

Or maybe they really have completely lost it.


No column tomorrow.  Enjoy your Independence Day Holiday.

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