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Immigration done right.

July 5, 2018

Yesterday is one 4th of July that will forever mean more to approximately 14,000 people than any other 4th they will ever experience.

Yesterday they became naturalized citizens of the United States, part of the hundreds of thousands of people who will do so this year.

In 2016, the most recent  year for which complete totals are available, 753,060 people from all over the world took the oath of citizenship in this country.

None of these people have anything to fear from ICE. They do not have to work for low wages paid under the table. They will be able to legally draw Social Security or employer pensions at the end of their working lives. They don’t have to duck out the back door when they see a police  officer. They can get driver’s licenses and vote in national elections.

The greatest number, 103,550 or 13.8% came from Mexico, followed by India and the Philippines, at 6.1% and 5.5% respectively.

So much for the progressive claim that America hates immigrants.

In the meantime, illegal immigration is currently estimated to be running at about 50,000 per month, a figure that typically tails off during the hottest summer months.

That figure does not mean that there is an increase of 600,000 illegal immigrants every year, since it does not reflect the number of people deported or who leave on their own.

In fact no one actually knows with any ironclad certainty how many illegal immigrants live here, the Pew Research  Center’s numbers notwithstanding. That group says there are about 11.1 million people here without papers.

Whatever the totals might be, every single one of them is an affront to the people who choose to immigrate legally and become citizens.

The fact is, America is still a welcoming place for legal immigrants.

Does doing it the right way have challenges? Yes.  It takes a long time, it costs a lot, and many times degrees or professional licenses aren’t honored in the U.S. In short, unlike Hollywood liberals and dishonest conniving politicians, the process isn’t perfect.

Maybe if we weren’t so wrapped up in dealing with illegal entries, we could fix some of those problems.

Or is that just too simple?

In the meantime, welcome, new citizens. We are happy to have you join us.

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