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TGIF – July 6, 2018

July 6, 2018

Understanding the far left.

Mainstream Democrats are in danger of being publicly defined by the far left elements in their party, much as happened to Republicans in the wake of the ultra conservative Tea Party movement.

Make no mistake, the extreme far left is far more closely aligned with the Communist Party than it is to old school Democrats, as noted in this Daily Caller story.

This group of radicals would make Vlad’s heart swell with pride.

They, and their current poster girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are getting a lot of press right now, and unfortunately some normally sane Democrats are going right along with it.

Others however are not fooled, up to and including deciding to vote with the GOP just to stop the slide toward Mother Russia.

It would behoove “normal” Democrat leaders to examine the motives of Tom Perez in siding with the radicals currently hiding under the Democrat’s  banner and ask if this is really where they want their party to go in the next decade.

SCOTUS – Thanks, Harry Reid

Well, we should get to see how many Republicans in Congress can be as fair as they expect the Supreme Court judges to be, and it’s all thanks to Harry Reid deciding to invoke the nuclear option.

One thing that shouldn’t bear on the hearings is the Roe v Wade hullabaloo.

Something no one seems to note is that before any Supreme Court can weigh in on it again, there has to be a case accepted for review that deals with it.

The way around that is obviously to not accept such a case in the near future, but instead to remand it back to the lower courts.

It’s for sure that one day someone will try to make such a case and move it up through the lower courts, probably through the Ninth Circuit.

If the next judge is, as the President has already said and shown that he wants, a strict constitutionalist, that may never happen.

We’ll all get to see on Monday who he picks, and at that moment the summer Senate circus season will add a new act.

Pardon us if we note that circuses are going out of style.

Mueller’s job security plan.

It seems that there must be a lot of out of work prosecutors out there, if news reports are true.

That’s the trouble with special prosecutors. They just hang around forever spending our taxpayer dollars.

That’s partly due to the overly broad mandate Mueller got when he began his Trump collusion investigations, but it’s also just the nature of the beast.

Special investigators are like bird dogs. Show them a crime and whether it is germane to their mission or not, they are going to go bounding after it, tails wagging happily, even if the bird in question is out of season.

Maybe the answer for both bird dogs and special prosecutors is to be sure you keep them on the leash unless you want them to hunt.

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