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And it’s only Monday.

July 9, 2018

That means we’ve got 6 more days this week to listen to leftist liberals assuring us that Armageddon is upon us (again) because the President is going to pick another SCOTUS justice.

Tonight they will have a name to fill in the blank with, so at least then we will know who is going to end their world.

For the rest of us, we can only hope whomever wins the nod actually could do that.

Frankly, the party line of mass hysteria has worn very thin for most of us.

One man says he is going to get a MAGA hat, wear it everywhere, and “God help the stumblebum who tries to take it off MY head.”

Since he’s  6’4′ and about 265, we’d pay well to see that.

Still, his comment shows that the Dems have pushed this whole Trump mania thing past mere annoyance, to the point where people are beginning to push back.

You’d think even the lamebrains on the left might remember what happened the last time they pushed the voters to the edge.

After all, there are still a few activists in the Court, and a minimum of two and a half years left to replace them.

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