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Is this diversity?

July 11, 2018

News stories are reporting that the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (CP SLO) campus is seeking to lose its moniker as the whitest, most male campus in the Cal Poly systems by instituting what amounts to a quota system, apparently based upon some form of census statistics.

The college-reported data indicates that the state has only 39.7 percent white residents, which would mean reducing the white student enrollment from its current 55%  to that lower number.

The 2017 census estimate reports that the “white alone, not Hispanic or Latino” figure is 37.2 per cent. It should be noted that the total “white” population is 72.4 percent, but that figure also includes multi-racial Caucasian groups. For many years persons of Hispanic and Latino origin were included as Caucasians, based solely on national origin and skin color, as noted in this definition of the word.

Certainly every qualified student should have a chance at a college education. But should race alone be the determining factor?

Just as certainly, no one has to go to CP SLO.  There are hundreds of places to go to college, many with STEM programs just good as SLO.

And it is absolutely true that the state has a much lower percentage of  “pure” whites in its population than many other states, with the numbers getting smaller each year.

Still, if it was wrong to exclude “persons of color” based on race, why is this policy any less wrong? Insofar as gender is a factor in STEM program enrollment, will the campus now restrict males from those programs?

Making race the most important characteristic for college admission seems to run counter to the reason we have colleges in the first place.

Supposedly, colleges are there to provide specialized learning opportunities for the purpose of providing workers for fields other than just manual labor.

In SLO’s case that seems to have been supplanted by providing social justice enforcement.

So we ask…Is this “diversity” or simply another form of politically driven racial bias?

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