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Not squeaky clean.

July 12, 2018

Watching the public hearing for Peter Strzok leaves one with the same feeling one gets when someone else didn’t use the trash bin labeled “put used sanitary products here” in the ladies restroom.

In other words, yucksville.

Strzok certainly lives up to his bad press, and one can feel some kinship with Trey Gowdy.

And like all these public hearings, this one provides a stage for all the reasons average people hate Congress and Washington as a whole.

But underneath all that, is the uncomfortable realization that perhaps there isn’t as much to admire about the FBI and DOJ as we have been conditioned to believe.

This HAD to go deeper than just a half dozen upper level management people.

The breadth of the investigations would have required assigning some of it at least to field office level special agents and more attorneys than just Lisa Page.

For instance, Strzok said he changed the wording from “gross negligence” because “the lawyers would prefer it that way.”

Lawyers, plural?

So did Page alone coach him, or was that why Comey said he didn’t know a single DOJ prosecutor who would have prosecuted Mrs. Clinton?

That might explain why the current FBI director never addresses the wrongdoing, but instead strives at every turn to portray his agency as the unblemished agency duped by Comey, Strzok, Page and one or two other bad apples.

Either the DOJ has troubles that run  lot deeper than the seventh floor, or it has an awful lot of robot agents that never question the propriety or lawfulness of an order.

In any case, it is somewhat reassuring to see that Strzok lives up to being the narcissistic, ass-covering, blame-shifting colostomy bag that we have been led to believe that he is.

At least that part isn’t fake news.

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