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TGIF – July 13, 2018

July 13, 2018

Abolish ICE bill introduced.

Representatives  Mark Pocan,( D-WI), Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) have introduced  a bill to abolish ICE and break up its functions among other agencies.

They issued their declaration of intent on Rep. Pocan’s web page in the form of a press release, and it names six other backers.

For real context you might want to view the Immigration and Customs Enforcement “about” page, which clearly states that combating illegal immigration, including within our borders, IS part of their reason for existence.

Of course this “no borders”  bill has literally no chance of becoming law, but it will be interesting to see who comes out and actually votes for it.

Underlying the declaration is the clear intent to decriminalize illegal immigration.

Make no mistake, this is part of a concerted effort to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. Like New York Mayor de Blasio, these folks would like there to be no line on a map separating the U.S. from any other country.

British leftists also in fine form.

Speaking of the New York mayor, another agency on the Democrat’s hit list, i.e. Customs and Border Protection,  is alleging that he sashayed back and forth across the border as though it didn’t exist.

Also showing off for the cameras is De Blasio’s left wing British counterpart, Sadiq Khan of London, England, with his cute little balloon.

Several thousand (some say 70 thousand) leftist-funded anti-Brexit demonstrators are clogging up London’s streets in a mass protest against President Trump, who isn’t even in London today.

Lest you think they represent all of England, reporters have found that once you get out of Britain’s own sanctuary cities, many average British citizens don’t share their sentiments.

Is it just another day?

Friday the 13th has many people hiding under the bed, but research shows that the fear may be rooted in real-life events as this Fox News article by Emily DeCiccio explains.

So, are you a triskaidekaphobe? It’s OK to wait to answer until the 14th.

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