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Helsinki – your take.

July 17, 2018

We know what all the President’s enemies and naysayers think about the Putin “summit”, but what about his supporters?

“Jim” says that the most damaging moment was when the President asked why would Russia meddle in the election. “That just makes him sound naïve.”

“Marge” says that the President always seems to butter up people to try to get them talking to him, and she thinks that was what he was doing.

“Larry”  thinks that the President’s remarks go back to the way the intelligence departments have treated him ever since he won the election. “Why would he trust them? All they’ve done is try to destroy him.”

“Mark” is more critical.  “Look, he knew the world would be watching for any sign that he was more on Putin’s side than ours. This “talk first, think later” habit of his is his greatest drawback.”

“Joe” agrees, but notes that he handled North Korea’s dictator the same way, so people should take that into account.  “It’s just his style, and doesn’t mean he’s in love with Putin.”

“Harold” says “When somebody’s shooting at you and runs out of bullets, you don’t throw them a full clip.”

Others commented on the ridiculous over-reaction of the left.

“Mike “says “Did you see that New York Times cartoon video? And this from a paper that virtue signals about LGBTQ issues all the time. Somebody should run over their presses with a bulldozer.”  (BTW – we aren’t going to link to that smutty YouTube video. Google it if you haven’t seen it already.)

In short, his supporters aren’t pleased about the presser, but they are still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if somewhat conditionally.

“Sandy” put it this way.  “Maybe he doesn’t care about what the left thinks about him, since he can’t change their minds anyway. But no matter how much I like what he’s done so far, he has to remember the rest of us. Doing stupid s— isn’t going to help him Make America Great Again.”

And that’s some feedback from Main Street.

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