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Speaking of demands…

July 18, 2018

The headlines shout that “Congress” (read that as Trump resisters) DEMANDS that the Trump translator tell all to Congress about what was said in the private meeting.

To that we have to say “Fine.  Just as soon as former President Obama and his administration, including that other 2016 candidate, tell all they know about how the Russians managed to have had the “flexibility” to operate with such a free hand in the United States ever since 2013.

Fair is fair.

Obviously, President Trump’s gaffe or speaking error was bound to feed the fever of TDS sufferers on both sides of the aisle.

Let’s face it.  This is how it’s going to be for the next two or even six years.

We have a progressive, socialism inclined wing of the Democratic party who thought it was well on the way to “changing” America from  democracy to a socialist nation and that group will never let up on Trump or his supporters.

Because she’s too young and inexperienced to know better, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Bronx-born darling of the extreme left provides not just a window but a garage door-sized view into the rising socialist element in American politics.

That isn’t exactly going over well with mainstream Democrats, many of whom have already signaled that if she is elected in November she’s going to have to learn to go along to get along.

It’s doubtful, based on a biographical NYT profiling article that she will be content to join the herd. She isn’t the face of those Democrats, nor does she want to be seen that way.

She is however, the face of a generation of younger Americans who have been carefully educated, propagandized and groomed as a sort of  made-in-America political revolutionary guard.

With that in mind, it might behoove the GOP to take some of their own members to task, and accept the President’s explanation.

It is likely that he actually simply screwed up. “Wouldn’t” certainly fits better with what he was saying just prior to that “oops,”  when he was commenting on what his people were telling him about Putin.

So speaking of demands; how about demanding that the Republican TDS sufferers stick a sock in it,  cut the guy some slack, look past him and a lot farther into the future?

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