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Cause and effect.

July 19, 2018

Want to know how the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies got to be so distrusted?

Just play a montage of the the comments made by their former executives over the past few weeks.

Comey, Brennan, McCabe and all the rest were about as biased and unfair, not to mention threatening, as any group of people could be during their tenures.

Brennan in particular over the past few days just sounds whacked out, with his tweets about treason, impeachment and all the rest.

And take Comey.  Please take him, somewhere, anywhere.

It’s inevitable that when people like this are in command, they affect the culture of organizations.

The people beneath them are careerists. You don’t have much of a career path unless you stay on the good side of the boss.

Might it be time for Mr. Mueller to do the difficult thing, and look beyond Russia and the Trump campaign at how the rot in his former agency may have affected the country during the election.

That’s assuming of course that he is the fair and impartial special counsel that he is reputed to be by everyone who has no problem spending over a million dollars a month on his investigation.







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