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A matter of semantics?

July 23, 2018

An interesting statistic emerged over the weekend, claiming the “Democratic” Socialists of America have 45,000 members.

So, are these dues-paying members of an official third-party, or just sympathizers?

Actually, there is such a party, and they do claim 45,000 card-carrying members.

Which makes us wonder why they are running as “Democrats.”

Not too long ago, the “old” Democrats made a big deal out of “requiring people to swear to uphold the DNC’s  ideals.”  The DSA is a full-on far-left fringe group.

Yet there they are, running under the banner of the donkey.

Does that mean that the traditional Dems are now just gone and if not, why are they OK with the entire party being portrayed as left-wing lunatics?

It’s true that 45,000 people isn’t yet a threat to the nation, except in very small districts.

It might behoove “normal” Dems to insist they run as a true third party, assuming of course that the Democrats actually care about any of the people they say they represent, much less their own image.

It’s a point of conjecture who follows the DSA.

Some of them are part of the entitlement generation; the sheep we have spent two generations indoctrinating to believe that the world owes them a living.

The leadership are those who will use government to support themselves in a lavish lifestyle paid for using other people’s money, while doing nothing  “for the people”, a la Venezuela’s Maduro and the Castros in Cuba.

If the old guard Democrats are still relevant it might behoove them to draw a clearer line

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