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Back in the saddle.

July 30, 2018

No, I didn’t take a vacation, at least not intentionally.  Just dealing with a little back problem.

However, that’s left me with way too much time to watch the telly, which means listening to way too much political total garbage.

Musings has commented before how every time something most people find good, like the EU bring willing to deal a bit on tariffs, the left wing loons have to find something bad to go on about, and they are in rare form lately.

Right now, the buzz of the moment seems to be how fast we can turn America into a socialist nation.

It ain’t gonna happen.

If Behar, Goldberg and the rest think the Scandinavian countries  are so great, they should move there, or maybe Venezuela.

As the “ladies” of the View prattle on, one has to ask what’s preventing them and all their liberal kin from paying 50, or 60 or 90% of their income into the government now? All they would have to do is donate that amount at You can even choose which department you would like to donate to if you want.

For some reason, you never see these Marxist sympathizers holding up a cashier’s check payable to the Treasury for a few hundred thousand or a million dollars and handing it to a Treasury official.

Maybe it’s because socialists only want to spend other people’s money.

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