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Need 911? – Tough!

August 1, 2018

By now everyone has heard or read about the Portland, Oregon mayor instructing the police to ignore 911 calls from anyone connected to ICE.

So does that mean that if someone calls 911, they have to pretend to be a Marxist liberal to get protection?

You. “Hi.  Someone is throwing Molotov cocktails at my house, please send the police.”

Dispatcher: “Are you a Republican or a member of ICE?”

You.  “Yes but this happening at my house.”

Dispatcher. “I’ll send someone as soon as they can pick up a gallon of gasoline.”

This is pure unadulterated crap, and a stain on the uniforms of police everywhere.

This mayor should be removed from office, forcibly if necessary, and every cop who was fine with ignoring a citizen’s request for assistance while completely outside the ICE property should be relieved of his or her badge.

Since when does the motto of the police read…”Protect and serve (just the people we agree with politically.)

This is where TDS is taking us.

One hopes that the ICE union continues with their legal action and that no one gets hurt or killed because the police have neither the stones nor the honor to oppose the mayor.

In the meantime, it might be wise to cross Portland off your list of places to visit. Either that or put a “Karl Marx for president” sticker across your forehead.

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