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Much ado about …what?

August 6, 2018

So, the MSM is all spun up about one of President Trump’s tweets, relative to the Trump Tower meeting.

Supposedly they are cackling about him “admitting” that the meeting  between Don Jr. and a Russian lawyer was based on getting some sort of oppo research on HRC.

Hold on a minute.

Didn’t Junior release a whole series of emails about who told him the Russian broad had some kind of dirt on Hillary, OVER A YEAR AGO (7/11/17)?

And didn’t the actual focus of that meeting turn out to be about the Magnitsky Act, i.e. adoptions of Russian children?

The plain fact is that if they have to, the President’s enemies will try to indict him for failing to put the toilet seat down in the West Wing, if that’s all they can find to hang their hats upon.

It’s a true thing that Trump Sr. would be better off sometimes if he didn’t let his fingers do the talking.

But of all of his recent tweets, this one is the most innocuous and least controversial of late and serves only to point out the depth and severity of the TDS affliction in the MSM.

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