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America’s socialist generation.

August 14, 2018

To the extent that anyone is paying attention to the braying in the Beltway, people are not surprised that many 18-34 year olds are in favor of socialism.

“What do you expect?” says Barb. “Look, maybe I’m an old curmudgeon, but two generations of parents have protected and exalted their children as ‘special’ when in reality, they were just plain old kids. You can’t give kids every little thing they want, and protect them from the consequences of their actions forever and expect them to grow up as responsible adults. Now they’re grown up and they still expect to be given everything for nothing.”

To that end, some folks say that forgiving student loan debt or providing “free” college is the wrong thing to do.

Any idiot should have known that graduating with 5 and 6 figure debt was unlikely to produce a high standard of living post-college, but between the colleges themselves and the propaganda that says you must have a college degree to get a job, that fact didn’t penetrate the student ranks.

“Tom” has a liberal arts degree, but he was unable to get a job in his field of study.  After receiving training as a heavy equipment operator, he is now averaging $75K a year, and has worked steadily for three years.  He has also paid off his $22,000 student loan and is now saving up for a house.  His take?  “No one should go to college until they work for a few years first. If I had done that, I would have never gotten into the mess I was in.”

It’s hard to say whether the Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders fans will ever get their way and change the America we have known into some super-Scandinavian or Greek socialist nation.

Given that even those nations are now second-guessing themselves, let’s hope not.

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