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August 15, 2018
  1. As someone who didn’t watch The Apprentice, I had to go back and watch reruns when Donald Trump announced his candidacy, meaning that I got a full dose of OMN all at once. She mentions her “bitch switch”.

Doesn’t calling something a “switch” imply that it has an “off” setting? Don’t bother            wasting your money on her book, unless fiction is your thing.

So much for that topic.

  1. The Catholic Church has some ‘splainin” to do. The Pope portrays himself as tough on predator priests. He can prove that by publicly releasing the Vatican’s records on accused priests. This has been a stain on Catholicism for decades, and the best way to cure it is to go public with it.

Failing to do so might truly result in this being the last Pope.

  1. With a few more primaries now in the books, we get ever closer to November 6. So far, it seems that this will be an election that weighs in on the extremes.

Speaking of extremes, run your tongue over this phrase;  President Elizabeth           Warren.


  1. Normally, FDA medication recalls don’t get a lot of publicity, but for those who take thyroid replacements, this story about one manufacturer’s defective levothyroxine might resonate.

For  some people, taking this medication is truly a life-or-death event, so getting it right is important.

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