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TGIF – August 17,2018.

August 17, 2018

Ah, the independent press.

It hardly seems that the way to prove the independence and “freedom” of the national press is for over 300 outlets to receive a script from the Boston Globe and then follow it slavishly.

When they rail against being called “the enemy of the people”, it might be justified, because that quote, attributed to Donald Trump, appears incomplete.

To be accurate, the quote should read “the enemy of the smelly Walmart and Target shopper people who voted for Trump.”

To their credit, some outlets like the Wall Street Journal, while not exactly Trump fans,  chose not to march in lockstep. Good for them, even if they did it in the spirit of CYA.

Cuomo shows his colors.

Andrew Cuomo,  current governor of New York, following the lead of others including former President Obama, stuck his foot in his mouth all the way to the knee when he asserted that “America was never great.” His handlers and PR people can spin that until they wear a hole in the floor, but it is on tape, and will make a great campaign ad for the general election.

Now, if he had said that “America is not perfect” that would be far easier to defend.

No one, right or left, believes that any nation is perfect, especially when perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

Still, this country is perfect enough for millions of people to want to move here, and that says a lot for its relative greatness.

BTW…Canada’s still too close, and since we still consider it a friend, why in the world would we want to inflict Cuomo on them? That’s just cruel.

Better fill in those low spots.

Once again, a Federal judge in South Carolina has reportedly blocked a Trump administration effort to bring some sanity into the Clean Water Act.

The administration attempted to modify the so-called WOTUS (waters of the U.S.) description so as not to include every rainwater or snow melt seasonal puddle as a navigable waterway, using the logic in “Rapanos v. the United States” an opinion made by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Can you say “activist jurist?”

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