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America’s intel agencies…

August 20, 2018

Short on intelligence, long on politics?

Those of us who follow the soap opera that is Washington today have their own observations about John Brennan, especially if they watched his performance during his public Congressional hearing.

You know, the one where he outright lied to the committee about the CIA surveilling American  citizens, in the United States. Perhaps he didn’t consider members of the Senate citizens. No wonder he was having to massage his temples while testifying

And there was also his cooperation with the Obama administration’s Benghazi cover-up,  concurring in blaming a video for what subsequently proved to be gross incompetence or negligence on the part of government agencies, or at least their leaders.

And then there is Brennan’s defender Leon Panetta, the CIA Director during the time President Obama was assuring us that ISIS was the JV team.

Was that just naiveté on the part of the President, or did Panetta and the other spooks deliberately mislead or fail to inform him during the daily briefings? Or even worse, were they that incompetent?

We tend to agree with former New York Mayor Giuliani.

Please do sue the President Mr. Brennan, assuming you can find a court who would even hear the case.

That should prove worth watching.

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