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Chicago – can the CPD fix it?

August 21, 2018

Considering that there are more citizens killed in Chicago on a weekend than there  have been soldiers killed in Afghanistan in a month, it isn’t too surprising that some residents are calling for the President to send in the Feds, or the Army or the Marines or really just anyone.

Of course that’s problematic on many levels.

First, as a general rule, short of placing the city under martial law, Federal troops can’t take over a city nor enforce its laws.

Second, can you even imagine what the TDS sufferers would have to say about that?

Assuming the CPD is still largely staffed by caring and capable cops, they know how to attack the violence.

They know where the gangs hang out.  They know who is selling the drugs that give the gangs operating capital. They may know which people are on the take, i.e. being paid to turn a blind eye to the bad guys. And they know how to make life miserable for the bad guys, by taking out the gangs systematically.

They also know that if they do what they know works, the Mayor and the other lefties are going to scream discrimination and harassment the minute they try to do what works.

It stands to reason that if a gang calls itself the Latin Kings, a large percentage of the members are going to be Latinos, many of them here illegally.

But if the PD makes arrests that largely consist of Latinos, someone will immediately scream racism at the top of their lungs.

And God help the officer that shoots one of the bad guys.

Chicago isn’t irredeemable, but the politicians probably are, and therein lies the problem. Why arrest the bad guy, if he (or she) will be back out on the street before the cop has time to write up a report?

Like tomato plants, if both the leaves and the roots are diseased, the fruit won’t amount to much.

There aren’t many tomatoes being picked in Chicago.


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