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About that insurance policy.

August 22, 2018

It appears that the Strzok insurance policy may be worth the premiums, at least for now.

We refer of course to the Cohen and Manafort guilty plea and verdicts.

The President is wrong about one thing and he probably knows that full well. The Mueller probe was never about “collusion,” although you probably won’t find the real motive on any writs or Rosenstein-signed pages.

It was and is about making sure Donald Trump is removed from the presidency.

It would pay us to remember that Cohen is represented by the Clinton lawyer whose ties to the Clintons are so tight, his relationship with them was described in the early days of Clinton’s own troubles with women as incestuous.

Only a person like Lanny Davis could have the hubris to plead for GoFundMe dollars for Michael Cohen on national TV by calling it a “truth fund”, but WTH, he has to get his fee from somewhere, since Cohen is dead flat broke.

Despite all the salacious details, the main problem with the Cohen and Manafort judgments is whether the President used campaign money to pay off women.  Presumably that would mean actual campaign dollars donated by others, since candidate Trump dumped some 50 million dollars of his own into his campaign.

So, does that even matter to his base?

Hard to say, but most of them already knew that Trump had a wandering eye before they voted for him. That trait has figured into his previous divorces, and has been chronicled for years. Monogamy  hasn’t ever been one of his strong points.

That may play poorly with some voters, since the current Mrs. Trump seems to be admired by many of his voters, and they may feel sympathetic to her, if not to him.

Still, President Trump has done something very, very few other elected candidates ever do, and that’s to keep his promises to the voters, at least insofar as Congress has permitted him to do so.

People whose paychecks are bigger and who finally have good full time jobs after a decade of living off welfare frankly don’t give a damn about his peccadilloes, my dears.

They certainly don’t identify with Elizabeth Warren, who considers the murder of a young Iowa woman by a person in this country illegally unimportant compared to “real problems” like getting open borders and unrestrained immigration.

It remains to be seen how all this will affect the midterm elections, or what else the Mueller team will dredge up between now and November.

Stay tuned for the next act.

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