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TGIF- August 23, 2018.

August 24, 2018

Does the Federal Reserve depress wages?

Are higher wages inflationary? Technically, yes.  Any time the price of “stuff” goes up it is inflation.

Lately the Federal Reserve has been catching a bit of criticism for raising interest rates too aggressively.

Of course we can’t stay at zero interest forever. Too many people count on earning interest income on savings and investments for that to be possible, and everyone is tired of .25% interest on their savings accounts. They are however, big fans of low interest loans.

But when the Fed raises interest rates because wages and thus costs are going up, isn’t it in effect lobbying for keeping wages low?

That may well explain why wages aren’t gaining at a faster rate.

Imagine what would happen if we adopted a national $15 minimum wage.  Can you live with  25% mortgage and car loan interest?

Nothing exists in a vacuum, a fact that Democrats and Socialists may not be willing to admit.

Employer asks- Is there any way I can refuse to hire Mexicans?

While discussing the tragic death of  Mollie Tibbetts, “James” idly threw out that question over coffee with his friends.

“I hire a lot of seasonal summer help, but I’m scared to death to hire a Mexican, because I can’t be sure they are legal. Most of them are sure good workers. I do use e-verify, but even if they have a SS card, how do I know it isn’t fake? I would feel so horrible if I hired someone who turned out to be a bad guy like this farm did.”

Sorry James, you can’t refuse to hire anyone based on their nationality, but many employers are asking this same question.

So far, the government hasn’t provided an answer or a foolproof way to ensure that phony documents aren’t being used.

This is just another way that the government (read that as “Congress”) has failed not just employers, but the people who enter our country legally and play by the rules.

About the best you can do is to keep a copy of your verification efforts, even if you have to take a screenshot of it.

It may eventually be necessary to integrate biometrics, such as fingerprints or iris scans, into the visa, immigration and naturalization processes. Until then about all employers can do is follow all the existing rules.

Paper or plastic?

Kroger’s, America’s largest grocery chain, says it will stop providing plastic grocery bags by 2025, and will begin next year. They will however SELL you a cloth bag for 1 or 2 dollars. They say they will also provide paper bags “on request.”

I like to think I’m as environmentally responsible as the next person, so I bought a couple of the cloth bags for about $4 each (not from Kroger) when they first came out.  After a couple of weeks they kind of started to smell (squashed grapes and strawberries, meat juices leaking out of packages, etc.), so I washed them, twice, when they then fell apart.

Not only that but now I couldn’t reuse the plastic bags in my small garbage cans, or to put the cat mess in when I clean the cat box, or for my wet garbage, so now I have to buy plastic garbage bags.  Somehow I’m not sure that paper bags are going to work quite as well, and I know I don’t want to throw away the cloth ones every Tuesday.

OK, OK, I get it. Plastic is poison. But it also has it’s uses. Not only that, but even if the U.S. outlaws everything plastic, we will not be able to prevent more than a few percent of the plastic that winds up in landfills and oceans worldwide.

Wouldn’t it be better to work more on making plastic readily biodegradable (we already have starch-based biodegradable “plastic.”? Although in use, it actually can degrade too fast. Or is that too logical? And of course, if we did that, then Kroger couldn’t sell us cloth bags.


And finally…check in tomorrow for our take on the left’s political Tet Offensive facing the United States today.


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