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More alike than they admitted.

August 28, 2018

It’s funny how alike John McCain and Donald Trump were temperamentally, but it surely explains why each despised the other.

Of course Trump did insult the late ‘s military service during the campaign. Not even the staunchest Trump ally can deny that.

But McCain didn’t exactly praise the other candidate either.

So, how were these two men alike?

Both had foul mouths and often spoke without considering the consequences, both were idealists, both had flashpoint tempers and both were counter punchers. Both stanchly defended their political positions, McCain often in favor of  a pathway to citizenship for resident illegal immigrants, while Trump only agreed to it as a bargaining chip to get his border wall built.

McCain was a by-the-book kind of guy, while Trump considers the book to often be the problem.

McCain didn’t support requiring immigrants to learn English, while Trump has often  said that acquiring a working knowledge of English should be a prerequisite for citizenship. Immigration reform didn’t mean the same thing to McCain as it does to Trump.

McCain often accused anyone in favor of mass deportations of being racist, while Trump feels that breaking the law by entering illegally is a valid reason to consider illegal aliens of any nationality to be lawbreakers and thus subject to automatic deportation.

Politically, the two men had vast differences, but temperamentally, they were far more alike than it is likely either cared to admit.

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