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California – guinea pig politics.

August 29, 2018

The man widely thought to be the next governor of California is all in on “free” (actually universal single payer) healthcare for everyone who resides in the state, including illegal residents.

Meanwhile,  the current governor has abolished cash bail for people arrested for crimes, relying instead on judges and an as-yet-to-be created algorithm to determine who should go free pending trial.

Interestingly,  it is reported that some of the former supporters of cashless bail, like the ACLU now don’t like it, apparently because it might turn out to be, you guessed it, racist.

To all of this we say…you go, Cali.

Far better to let one state test out all of these liberal and socialist theories than to have them inflicted upon the nation by the next Democrat-controlled Congress.

Of course none of this stuff is really “free.” The healthcare costs will instead be funded by increased taxes, sliding scale fees (the “wealthy” pay more) and in the case of the model used in San Francisco, employer mandates and federal money.

If a judge decides that Joe Shmuck should have to wear an ankle bracelet upon release, the cost of providing and monitoring it will be paid by John Q. Taxpayer.

Of course to a certain extent it is anyway, since the courts and law enforcement budgets are derived from taxes. Maybe taxpayers can’t fully control the those budgets, but at least there are budgets. It is highly unlikely those budget  constraints will continue to exist as these changes occur.

California is now reported to be the 10th highest taxed state.  If gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom gets his way, look for them to shoot to numero uno, displacing current leader, New York.

The nice thing about this taxpayer funded healthcare is that it will attract a lot more people, both north and south of the border to move to the state,  thus increasing the taxpayer population.

The only fly in the ointment?  We might have to build another wall, to keep them there.

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