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Socialism in action.

August 30, 2018

Want to know how socialism works in actual practice?  Almost as if on cue, California gives us an example.

California’s Senate passed a bill, SB826, mandating that by 2019, i.e. in four months, each publicly owned corporate board must contain at least one woman, and then two for larger than five-member boards and three for boards larger than six by 2021.

The bill isn’t yet a law, since it has only  been passed by the state Senate.

Let’s look at that again.  The government is mandating that private but publicly owned businesses must include women on their boards, not because they are as good or better at corporate management than their male counterparts, but simply because they have lady parts.

Corporate boards do tend to be largely male dominated. According to one source, just 15.8 percent, or 546 of the 3,445 members of 467 publicly traded California boards are women. That may not be a good or even a smart thing, but it is not the issue here.

The issue is whether the government can  take over the operations of non-government owned companies, in the name of equality and social justice.

That my friends, is socialism in practice.

If this were to go through, thereby setting a precedent, there would be nothing to stop Sacramento from expanding its control to requiring such things as adding an undocumented immigrant to the boards, in the name of diversity and social justice.

The bill has received opposition from a number of trade associations, and it will be interesting to see whether it makes it to Governor Moonbeam’s desk before the election.

If not, and assuming California’s Lt. Governor Newsom does indeed win the election, it may well receive another hearing in 2019.

Stay tuned.

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