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TGIF – August 31, 2018

August 31, 2018

This is not affirmative anything.

Although buried by the coverage of the deaths of Aretha Franklin and John S. McCain, the DOJ’s decision to weigh in on a suit alleging anti-Asian racial bias on the part of Harvard University did make the news yesterday.

If this policy is “affirmative” action, God help us if Harvard ever decides to oppose something or someone.

Harvard has freely admitted that it’s dubious personal ratings evaluation policy marks down Asian students based on such factors as “likeability” and “personality.”

Of course the school could go back to using test scores, extra-curricular and community activity participation and grades as criteria, but that would put them in the awkward position of using merit as a guideline for admission.

Affirmative action, like many such policies, started out with the best of intentions, but has degenerated to being more of a weapon than an asset.

If you believe in the antiquated and arcane theory that colleges and universities exist to educate students, rather than to propagandize them, the DOJ’s decision to become involved in this lawsuit should be worth your continuing attention.

Can Big Tech ever be unbiased?

If you ever had any doubt that Big Tech has a definite liberal lean, this week’s story about the Facebook employees who banded together to combat the company’s liberal, leftist culture should be informative.

Obviously, these folks know they are putting their careers on the line, and so more power to them.

These are private companies, so trying to control their culture via government is problematic. They have as much right to their biases as say, Chic-Fil-A.

But they also purport to be in business to serve as platforms for every citizen to communicate freely.

But let’s not forget, they are businesses, ones whose “product” is us, or rather, our data. They sell that product to their customers, i.e. people who want to sell us “stuff.”

Presumably, their customers don’t care whether a liberal or a conservative buys their shoes, cars, or whatever. After all, green isn’t just about energy.

Probably the best way to ensure less bias is to remove their product from the shelves, i.e. for there to be other communication platforms or even, to communicate in different ways, like oh, using the voice feature of our phones, or mailing out real newsletters.

Perhaps when bias hits these tech companies in the pocketbook, it will incentivize them to become more inclusive.

The best memorial to our heroes.

And finally, if you want to honor your hero, be it Aretha Franklin or John McCain, then donate to one of the companies or researchers seeking to find a cure for the cancers that killed them.

While we have made good strides against some cancers, glioblastoma and pancreatic cancer and other cancers as well are still virtual death sentences.

Perhaps if you can spare a few bucks for flowers, you can also afford to defeat these cancers by supporting those looking for cures and treatments, i.e. the National Cancer Institute and others*.

One word of warning…if you identify a possible donation recipient, check them out.  Make sure they are actually doing good work and look for documentation of how they will use your money.

*The link above is simply an example, and  is not meant in any way to be an endorsement.

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