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Citizens or subjects?

September 3, 2018

Red wave, blue wave or wave bye-bye?

Now that school has started, the first snows have fallen on the ski hills of the Rockies, and a memorial and funeral event that was televised longer than JFK’s is over, people are beginning to focus more on the upcoming midterm elections.

It remains to be seen whether the pollsters still predicting a blue wave are as far off in 2018 as they were in 2016.

That kind of depends on why 62 million people upset the Democrat’s apple cart in 2016.

It wasn’t that all of them were rabid “Apprentice” fans. Some didn’t even like Trump, voting for others in the primaries.

Still, for a lot of them it was about breaking the stranglehold Washington D.C. had on their lives.

For at least a decade, it seemed to many that they were less citizens of the United States than they were subjects of a corrupt cabal of greedy and unprincipled American oligarchs.

Every once and awhile you hear some talking head opine that Trump voters didn’t intend for Donald Trump to be a disrupter.

A lot those chowder heads know…that’s exactly why people voted for the most unlikely person imaginable to become President of the United States. That, and because as improbable as it seemed, they believed he would do the things he said he would do.

They certainly got disruption, but what is also true is that very few realized how hard and dirty the swamp dwellers would fight to stay in power, perhaps because no one understood just how much the Dems had to hide.

President Trump has accomplished lot of what he said he would do, but  he’s done it while being harried at every turn by a polyglot pack of people on both sides of the aisle who depend on things in Washington to stay the same. Otherwise, God help ’em, they might have to get real jobs.

That’s not to say Trump has always helped his own cause.  Some of his outbursts sound like and are about as useful as trying to run a glass beer bottle through a garbage disposal. Yeah, the bottle is destroyed, but so is the disposal.

That’s left some of his supporters wondering if giving him more Republicans would help or hurt, since a good portion of the ones who are there now aren’t exactly on his side.

The danger in that line of thinking is that some of his 2016 voters might just stay home on November 6, perhaps feeling that even he can’t defeat the system.

Others wonder if even if they do preserve or even increase the Republican majority, would the President take the energy he now uses to fight his enemies, and redirect it toward accomplishing even more of the things they elected him to do?

That’s something only he can answer. If he gets a reasonably foolproof majority in the Senate and retains the House, would he spend less time on Twitter and more time on strategy?

There’s still 2020. If he expects to be re-elected, what he would do with a smoother path for the next two years will decide if that happens.

One thing is for sure.  If his backers sit at home in November, they had better brush up on the proper way to perform a kowtow to Washington.


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