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Paid to protest?

September 5, 2018

According to three observers, all of whom gave their names, the “protestors” during the Kavanaugh hearings were being paid before they entered the Senate hearing.

We submit that the money changing hands (and yes, there is photographic evidence) wasn’t to pay for parking lot fees.

First, if true, this is confirmation of what many have suspected all along. These “protests” are not genuine, but are instead a form of paid political warfare.

Second, why  aren’t these paid agitators being blocked from entering the chamber? They are still there today, so why not ban them from the proceedings completely?

True enough, citizens have a right to observe our government in action, but it’s not possible to equate genuine curiosity with paid agitators.

Rumor has long said that the majority of  BLM protestors are actually paid, enlisted “soldiers” in a partisan army. This information goes a long way to confirm those rumors.

The photo that goes along with the claims gives a pretty good view of the people involved.

In the interests of that “transparency” Dems are always championing, it would seem that these two men should be detained and made to explain why they were exchanging money, who was footing the bill, and perhaps even be charged with any applicable violations of the law, such as anarchy,  relative to attempting to overthrow  the lawfully elected government.


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