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Circus, circus.

September 6, 2018

So far, Musings has not weighed in on whether conservatives are being silenced on social media, although anecdotal evidence suggests they are.

We have however indicated that we don’t think the Facebook of today bears much resemblance to the intent of the original Facebook, to its detriment.

So it is with some consternation that we briefly found ourselves actually sympathizing with Ms. Sandberg and Mr. Dorsey today.

For instance, what can you say to a Senator who quite overtly threatens you, and on television no less?

Mr. Pallone (D-NJ) repeatedly suggested that should someone lose their life to an overdose, Twitter and Facebook should be held legally liable if they had ever targeted advertising from a pharmaceutical company to their users and then asked if the two corporate representatives had any objection to that.

What the hell do you say to that, when you are already in the hot seat?

Obviously in a fair world, you might be tempted to tell him what you really think, but of course a committee hearing isn’t the place to do that.

Both people sidestepped around the question, but you were left hoping they would ask the Senator what he’d been smoking.

And then there were the numerous Democrats who, while the committee professes to be championing free speech for all, came right out and said that President Trump should be banned from Twitter and Facebook.

In fact, similar to the atmosphere of the Kavanaugh hearings, the social media hearing was essentially a “let’s make them agree to bash and/or silence Trump” for the Democrats.

Apparently, and similar to what takes place on college campuses, only liberals are allowed freedom of speech.

This particular hearing brought up other questions.

Like, when are we going to have to assign a firm definition to “hate speech?” For liberals, that’s any speech they don’t like, which is essentially anything they don’t say.

Also, should the number of clicks dictate which posts get publicized as “news” or appears on page one of “search results?”

And of course the Kavanaugh circus continues, with the paid agitators agitating, and the left being as leftist as possible.

This morning we were treated to the spectacle of a likely 2020 presidential candidate, Cory Booker, while defining himself as Spartacus, vowing to, and subsequently releasing information deemed “committee confidential” from the Bush 43 Republican administration.

It is not known at the time this is being written, whether all of the documents he released had already had their designation lifted before their release.

What Senator Booker has shown is that rules mean nothing to him when he can feather his own nest. It is to be hoped that his open defiance earns him the martyrdom he so clearly seeks.

It would behoove Senator Booker to remember the fate of Spartacus.

And once again this morning, we have the paid loudmouths exercising their lungs.  Sadly, so far the cameras have not allowed us to see and time the capital police removing these folks from the proceedings. That was perhaps the most interesting part of yesterday’s circus performance.

Incidentally, if you were keeping score, the shortest time it took the Capital police to remove a heckler, at least that we saw, was 7 seconds.

And you wonder why the crowds still shout “drain the swamp” at every Trump rally?

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